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Dear SR Traders,
For many years during my coaching, I have taught you how to use our trading systems or specialised indicators to find good stocks but when it comes to selecting the best of the best, I will sometimes tell you the exact stock I would choose to trade myself.
But I never told you exactly how I determined what is the "Best Bet."
The truth is not that I do not want to tell and teach you but because the process to come to that final stock-selection was so tedious that I wasn't convinced that you would want to do it yourself.
There's a new breakthrough so I have decided to finally reveal it all!
More about the breakthrough later.
Think about this...
Striking Gold!
Imagine you are a gold-miner.
You are in a vast plot of land filled with gold waiting to be mined. You are excited but the gold is not evenly spread on this land and it is not obvious where they are. To unearth the gold, you will have to do a lot of trial-and-error and some guesswork.
Nevertheless, you are filled with optimism and you make some investments to equip yourself to mine. Then you randomly choose a first spot to dig.
You keep digging at it with all your sweat and tears, and pray that you finally strike gold. Sometimes you get lucky and unearth some gold. But more often than not, you are digging at the wrong spot or retrieve only small amounts of gold.
So you make another investment and move on to another spot. And another...and another. After a while you have spent so much energy and resources but when there is no result, it can be very frustrating....and loss-making too.
Now, if only you have a "Secret Method" like a gold-metal detector, to not only pin‑point where the gold is but identify the exact spot where most of the gold resides! Instead of wasting time and money on the wrong areas, you can now focus on mining the most gold in the shortest time!
So, do we have a gold-metal detector for the stock market then?
Finding "Gold" In The Stock Market!
Trading the markets is very similar to that. You need to know how to consistently pick the best stock to trade, the one that will give you the most profit in the shortest time.
If you have been regularly attending my monthly coaching sessions, you would have noticed that I will start off by using our SR Trading System to help us generate a list of potential stocks to trade. Then we will use SR Swing to determine short-term stocks to trade.
Then the list will be generated. Sometimes there are quite a number of stocks. You can't possibly be trading all of them so we want to select what I normally termed, the "Best Bet."
Typically I will then ask, "What is the strongest sector?"
And from the strongest sector, "What is the strongest stock?"
Now, despite weak market sentiment, we are still able to identify strong stocks like:
Best World
China Sunsine
Best World
China Sunsine
The trends are all similar. There is a sharp upward trends for each of the stock in a relatively short timeframe after I highlighted them.
But there is a solid basis for finding these stocks and it is not by guesswork. This is not based on insider trading, stock tips or some hot rumours. This is based on my years of trading experiences and testing some of my discoveries.
To help you understand better, I will conducting a preview on 16 Feb (Sat), 10 am - 12 pm
You'll discover:
Unique principles of Golden Swing in finding the BEST BET
Benefit of a curve shift that radically put you ahead.
Trading strengthening momentum through time cycle alignment to gain better odds.
Understanding the different phases of a trend so you know where you are in bigger scheme of things.
The small-big paradox that puzzles most traders.
Don't miss this!
It'll help you to achieve MUCH more in your trading.
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