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If you have been following the stock market in recent months, you would have noticed that one of HOT STOCK in Singapore Stock Market is Best World International. From April 2016 to May 2017, the stock made a whopping gain of 496% !!
Did you manage to profit from the stock? Did you manage to buy the stock RIGHT BEFORE the stock price surged up? And how can you tell whether the price will continue to rise further or will it face a major drop instead?
But more importantly...
How Can You Find The NEXT Winning Stock?
First, Let's Look At Best World International
Let's take a closer look at this stock, Best World International. Investors were puzzled why the stock price was running up in the month of May and finally realised through the announcement on 1st July 2016, that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary was granted the direct-selling license in China, a huge market, fuelling massive optimism. Now, if only you knew ahead.
But the reality is that you could... with the help of a good trading system!
You see, the stock was trading fairly sideways at the beginning of 2016. Then in the middle of April our proprietary trading system picked up something unusual and alerted us to get ready to buy the stock. That was on 7th April 2016.
And true enough, the stock eventually started to run in May and in 4 months have more than tripled its price!
Here is the proof.
On 7th April 2016, I explained that how our trading system has flagged a possible entry price at $0.46. It happened on 11th April 2016 and on 14th April I highlighted again another possible entry price at $0.51 and as of 25th August 2016, the price is now $1.985!
And we bought the stock way before the 1st July announcement. Fantastic Winning Stock!
Now, you may be wondering if it is just pure "luck."
The truth is that with a good trading system, you can easily generate plenty of the same results. Here's another example.
Jan 2018 - Y Ventures
Here's is a recent winning stock.
We were first alerted on 11 Jan 2018 and again on 25 Jan, 1 Feb and 15 Feb by our trading system. The company had earlier announced the placement of 5 million new shares to a strategic investor. Notwithstanding the sell-down in Wall Street in early Feb 2018, stock continued its upward march making a gain of 146.7% in 6 weeks
Again, here is the proof of the video we did in Jan & Feb. Another Winning Stock.
How To Find Winning Stocks
Now if you are looking to profit consistently in the stock market, you would want to be able to find Winning Stocks. The previous two examples showed that something were brewing in those companies and some "big boys" were probably heavily trading the stocks.
To be honest, most of the time retail investors are disadvantaged because they do not have the same information the "big boys" have. Thus they end up chasing stocks late into the action.
So, what we have now is a way to level the playing field. Even without these "big-boys" information, our trading system helps us pick up such movements thus giving us a headstart over others.
Basically, by using a system that it easy for anyone, even a novice trader to use, you get to find out...
>> What Stocks To Buy
>> When To Buy At A Precise Entry Price
>> When To Buy Again If The Trend Is Strong
>> When To Sell To Take Profits Or To Ensure You Protect Your Portfolio From Collapsing
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